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ap.meeseva.gov.in is official website of Andhra Pradesh Government that offers multitude of services. You can apply online for Birth Certificate, check Meeseva Application Status online and avail benefits of Meeseva online Portal while sitting at your place. In this article we, will see how to track Meeseva Application Forms Status online. A step by Step Guide on Meeseva Application Status AP tells you how to perform online activities on www.ap.meeseva.gov.in.

How to Track Meeseva Application Status AP from ap.meeseva.gov.in Website

Step-1: Type the Meeseva Official Website url on your search engine or click the link given below:


Step-2: You will see a screen like this:

meeseva application status

Step-3: You will see “Know your Application Status” link under the Application Search Menu

Step-4: Enter your Application Number or Transaction ID in the relevant box

Step-5: Click on “Go” button

Step-6: You will see complete details of your application along with the status of application registered at ap.meeseva.gov.in

Types of Meeseva Application Status that Display on ap.meeseva.gov.in website

If you have entered right credentials like correct Application Number/Transaction ID and your application is available in the record of Meeseva Online Portal, you will see one of the following Meeseva Application Status on your screen:


If you see the first status on your screen, you are all set to go. This means your application has been approved by AP online portal service executives. Now you can check it on

Check Meeseva Certificate Link

Enter the Application Number and fill some details. Doing so, you can view your Meeseva Certificate online. You can also get a print of this certificate or download it for future reference.

In case Meeseva Application Status Shows – Rejected

If  “YOUR APPLICATION HAS REJECTED” appears on your screen, this means for some reasons the officials have rejected your application. It can be due to incorrect information or any other reason. In such cases, you have to apply again with new application. You have to contact MRO Office to know why your Application got rejected so that you won’t repeat the same mistake.

If Meeseva Application Form Status Shows – Under Process/Review

In case you see “YOUR APPLICATION IS UNDER PROCESS / REVIEW” on your screen, this means your application is being viewed by the officials and it will take time to show Meeseva Application Status online. Keep checking the Meeseva Application Form Status, it will get updated soon.

When Meeseva Application Status Shows – Not Viewed

If  “NOT VIEWED” appears on your screen, this means you application has just submitted on the ap.meeseva.gov.in inline portla. It has not reached on the desk of concerned officials. It will take some time to get opened and verified. Keep checking the Meeseva Application Status online.

Hope this works for you.

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