How to Check Fir Status Punjab Police Online By FIR Number – A Quick Guide

Want to check FIR Status Punjab Police online by FIR Number? You can do this easily after gaining knowledge about what is the official website of Punjab Police for Online Fir Status check, what are the steps involved to check fir status online, how to check fir status Punjab Police by file number etc.

FIR Status Punjab Police Online Check

Step-1: Go to Punjab Police official website. The link of official website of Punjab Police is given below:

Punjab Police Online Fir Status Link

Step-2: Following screen will appear to you:

fir status punjab police online

Step-3: Now focus on the left hand side menu

Step-4: You will see Download Scanned FIR link. Click on it

Step-5: Once you click on that option, you will see different cities of Punjab.

Step-6: Select the city in which you want to check FIR Status Punjab Police online

Step-7: After selecting the city, you will be redirected to another page

Step-8: A pop up box will appear asking you for the following information:

  • Police Station
  • Year
  • FIR Number

Step-9: First of all, select the Police Station from the drop down menu

Step-10: Now select the year in which you have registered the FIR

Step-11: Now enter the FIR Number. This number must be provided by the Punjab Police when you registered  the FIR

Step-12: Finally click on “Search” button

Online FIR Status Punjab Police will be displayed on your screen

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