– MCD Birth Certificate Status – Step by Step Process

Looking for MCD Birth Certificate Status check process? This article can help you do that. MCD Birth certificate application status check process is quite simple but not for those who don’t know the right procedure to check MCD Delhii Birth Certificate Status. The content of this article will let you learn the right approach to check Municipal Corporation Delhi Birth Certificate status from website.

The official websites to check MCD birth Certificate Status are and However, you can click the below mentioned link to directly jump to the website:
Check Application Status MCD

Using the link, you will land to e-SLA, an e-Governance initiative of the Government of NCT of Delhi. The web page will look like this:

mcd birth certificate status

Steps to Check MCD Birth Certificate Status Online

Step-1: Select the Department in which you submitted your birth certification application. In most of the cases, it is Municipal Corporation of Delhi(MCD).

Step-2: Select the Service.

Here select “Issuance of Birth Certificate”

Step-3: Enter the “Application Number” of the MCD Birth Certificate form

Step-4: Click on “Check here to View Details” button

Doing so, the MCD birth certificate status will appear on your screen.

Please note that, MCD Birth Certificate Status can be checked from this e-SLA website only if the application is made on or after 15 September 2011. Certificates issued before 2011 won’t appear in the list.

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