Indigo Flight PNR Status Online – How to Check Status of Indigo Flight

Indigo Flight PNR Status online check steps are explained here. If you are wondering how to check status of Indigo flight online, do not worry. The content of this article will help you check Indigo flight status in a step by step manner.

Check Indigo Flight PNR Status Online

If you want to check Indigo Flight PNR Status, you can do this by following the steps given below:

Step-1: Go to Indigo Airlines official website( as mentioned above)

Step-2: Click on View/Change Booking option

Step-3: A new box with the following details will appear on your screen:

  • Booking Reference
  • Email or Last Name
  • Email Itinerary
  • Get Itinerary

indigo flight pnr status

Step-4: Now enter details one by one

Step-5: First enter the Booking Reference Number. This number you might have received while booking your ticket

Step-6: Now enter your Email Id. In case, you don’t have any, you can enter your last name also

Step-7: To check Indigo Pnr status, you have two options. You can either get it emailed on your email-Id or check it instantly.

Step-8: Going the precise way, click on Get Itinerary button

Doing so, Indigo flight pnr status will be displayed on your screen

Indigo Flight Status Check – Step by Step

Besides, Indigo PNR Status, you can also check Indigo flight status online. For this, follow the steps given below:

Step-1: Visit Indigo Airlines Official Website which is

Step-2: Click on “Flight Status” link. This link is present at the top menu of Home Page

Step-3: Select Departing Location

Step-4: Select Arriving Location

Step-5: Select Date of Travel

Step-6: Enter the Indigo Flight Number whose status you want to know

Step-7: Click on Search Flight button

Your Indigo Flight Status will be displayed on your screen.

Hope this works for you.

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